Audiences at the Dare LA Premiere submit a one-line idea for a story - a cue, a challenge. We call these "dares." A handful of filmmakers, drafted from our community draw their dares live.
These randomly chosen dares will soon become films.


The drafted Filmmakers have one month to write

a five-seven minute short film based on their chosen dare. Directors can write solo or in an SAR ad hoc writers room.


Filmmakers have one month for production and post-production of their screenplays. The SAR community helps to produce the films in our collaborative creation process.


The cycle culminates in a Premiere of the films before a live audience. We ask for more dare suggestions from the audience ...and the cycle begins again. 

Get Drafted

Between Premieres, Draft Night is our FREE STAGED READING where we meet creatives for future Dare LA films. Actors, directors, cinematographers, etc.  Writers must come with a 5 page script based on one of our sample dares (available online here)


To watch our films, or to make them, everyone, join our email list

To join our pipeline as a writer pick a Draft Night Sample Dare

To join as actor, director, designer, tech, come to Draft Night 

To dare us to tell a story you'd love to see, challenge us here

Dare LA was inspired by The Dare Project, presented by taxdeductible theatre in New York City,

and is presented by some assembly required with their permission.


Click Here to see more about taxdeductible's fantastic work.

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